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Returning hospitals to their original state will only re-create the lack of doctors that existed even before the great quake and many hospitals would collapse at the same time. It is indispensable to


Motoaki Sato, director of Iwate Prefectural Miyako Hospital, calling for disaster-struck hospitals to be rebuilt as long-term care facilities and clinics that can be administered by fewer doctors. (Daily Yomiuri)

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Couldn't agree more with Sato-sensei, but he must know that this most likely won't happen. I mean Miyagi has a great opportunity to make vast improvements to the region's infrastructure, but "it wouldn't be fair to the other regions that weren't affected by the tsunami" will be the response from Kasumigaseki. No wonder so much is wrong with Japan.

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More centering needs to be focused on radiation detection (detect when people are sick from radiation) and radiation long-term care. Eventually other areas in Japan will have DRs/nurses with training in these fields because the effected population moves (and many already have).

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