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Saliva testing has significant logistic advantages over the commonly used nasopharyngeal swab testing. The machines used for the saliva tests are compact, require no special training to operate, and yield results in just 30 minutes. This helps eliminate long lines for passengers at airport screening points.


Takanori Teshima of Hokkaido University, leader of a team of researchers in Japan. The team said research found simple saliva tests for COVID-19 are just as reliable as the widely used, but more complicated and uncomfortable, swab tests. The study involved testing almost 2,000 people who were showing no symptoms of the coronavirus using both saliva and the familiar nasal swab.

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why not use them around Japan then? why only airports?

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Why not also install them at international airports for departing passengers? Then again, it might make it easier for foreign residents to easily come back to Japan, so I guess the Japanese government might be against it.

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I did the saliva test back in July where I live in northern Kanto. Not many places able to perform tests here and that’s what I took. Super easy to do. As that’s what was done out here I thought most places were using it now, especially in bigger cities.

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If the saliva tests are acceptable at Japan’s airports, why do foreigners have to do a PCR test before departure?

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