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Sending a delegation of Japanese officials to the Beijing Winter Olympics would send the wrong signal to the international community because that would be equivalent to condoning of human rights oppression by China.


Shigeharu Aoyama, an Upper House member who heads the group that seeks to protect Japan’s dignity and national interests. The group is not seeking to prevent Japanese athletes from taking part in the Games, but rather ensure that no government delegation is sent for fear it would send the wrong message.

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Yeah, but they'll do it anyway while asking the world to "please understand" and that it supports the boycott before turning to China and sending the delegate.

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The Olympics are supposed to be unpolitical.

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As always here it is about what someone else thinks, will think or maybe even just that we think what they may think. The rest is not so much a consideration anymore.

Instead of someone thinking and considering what our stake in this is, what good and bad it may bring us, it is simply about the "wrong signal".

The 80-year-old old man in the background who always runs everything always sees the most that if we do this, it may happen that the other side may do the same thing some day. A stuck situation.

Something like rational reasoning, human morality or ordinary code? No, don't bring that in.

Hello Kitty 321Today  10:04 am JST

The Olympics are supposed to be unpolitical.

They are supposed, but never were unpolitical in it's entire history. The original idea alone is political.

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I agree, boycott genocide Olympics!

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I agree, boycott genocide Olympics!

agree with Paul

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