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Since the LDP won back power some two years ago, we have turned around the economy and changed the mindset of Japanese from despair to hope.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe (Jiji Press)

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I like to start Monday mornings with a good joke.

7 ( +9 / -2 )

Turned it around, are you serious?

6 ( +9 / -3 )

From what I have seen and heard, the above statement is completely false. So, therefore, it's just more propaganda to make issues sound much rosier than what they are.

6 ( +6 / -0 )

Don't think many of my friends and colleagues are hopeful. Issue is that there is no alternative to this bunch of jokers so they get voted into power. most folks are kind of resigned to the gradual decline in living standards and opportunities.

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Updated numbers today show that the Japanese economy grew 0% in 2014. That makes me wonder what is it that they have turned around.

5 ( +5 / -0 )

Ha ha ha. This guy is totally delusional, he should be locked up. There is no hope, only anxiety and depression.

4 ( +7 / -3 )

B.S. Period. The rich are happy but ordinary people are not. Higher prices and a higher sales tax. People are cutting back on spending, except the rich, and not having babies. Abe is living in a bell jar.

4 ( +6 / -2 )

all he has done is weaken yen and push Nikkei higher and bond yields lower - so all going to plan. i guess the low unemployment rate is a kind of positive, although plenty of workers on part time contracts or doing menial jobs (light stick anyone??).

4 ( +5 / -1 )

... changed the mindset of Japanese from despair to hope

Waggled their hands in the air, shouted incomprehensibilities, then "Mumbo Jumbo! Hey Presto! Fukushima Daiichi be GONE!!!"

And it was so.

After all, bananas are radioactive, too.

4 ( +5 / -1 )

What dimension is this clown living in?

4 ( +5 / -1 )

When you live in the simple world of mathematical model it's easy to say the economy is doing great! Just check out the stock market rally! Everyone is practically richer compare to last year, even those that don't have asset in stocks, because your pension money are being used to buy stocks, so you're richer too and you can look forward to a rich and fullfilling retirement.

4 ( +4 / -0 )

Who is this guy and where does he live. Everyday on the news they inform us about what items prices will be going up (a lot). He certainly doesn't live in the same Japan I do.

2 ( +3 / -1 )

From despair to more despair.

2 ( +2 / -0 )

"Unfortunately, it is not a crime to practice demagoguery." - Chief Okita

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