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Social media are important platforms for children in this day and age. In order to prevent damage, it is important to teach children at home about the dangers of the internet and to prevent them from posting things carelessly online.


Azusa Saito, an associate professor of clinical psychology at Mejiro University who is an expert on child sexual abuse, saying that grooming (approaching and coaxing anxious or troubled children for the purpose of indecent acts) is a "sophisticated technique, and it is difficult for children to prevent themselves from being victimized.

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most important is to educate own kids person to person face to face,not through some website or applications.when kids are educated and raised well than risk that they will post something "bad" online or will get scammed in some way is low to none.no one social media can replace proper home education and kids raising by real parents in real life.

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Just keep children off the internet if they're not being monitored

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More J gov't reminders to parents to actually be parents.

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