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Social media is a platform in which users do not attach much value to the accuracy of information. There's a research finding that even suggests that fake news posts have a higher probability of being retweeted than those dealing with correct information.


Kazuhiro Taira, a professor of media theory at J.F. Oberlin University in Tokyo, warning that false rumors and fake news are spreading online amid the global outbreak of the new coronavirus.

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Funny how I also read just the other day that people do care but can't work stuff out for themselves very well, e.g. https://pubsonline.informs.org/doi/abs/10.1287/mnsc.2019.3478

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All information and news when edited from the source will lose accuracy, real or fake.

Social media is for checking and communicating what your friends feels and thinks at the moment of its post.

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A friend of mine was sharing a fake news post on how to combat the virus, without checking the source of the original post.

Upsetting and irresponsible, but these days - not surprising.

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