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Some people took up two or more jobs because their incomes fell; others started them to improve their skills after remote work set them physically and mentally apart from their firms, and got them to take a fresh look at their careers.


A chief researcher at the Japan Research Institute, commenting on a survey by Lancers, a company that matches freelance workers with employers, that showed an estimated 4.39 million people have taken side jobs in the past 12 months.


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4.39 million people have taken side jobs in the past 12 months because the gov didn't do its job to protect their incomes.

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Even that’s impossible in many cases nowadays. You would have more transportation fees to pay, better clothing, new equipment, IT , accessories, communication costs, more healthy and expensive food to keep yourself capable of working , buying return presents or paying restaurant bills for co-workers and a lot more. That exceeds the income to expect by quite a factor, kicking you out of the track even much quicker. No, you just only can afford to suffer on, wait and hope for not sinking too quickly before it maybe becomes slightly better again one farther day.

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I fear there is another lost generation of recent grads who will have a hard time getting back on track. At my company, as you might expect, the old timers are holding on to their positions like an Alabama tick.

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I was one of those people last year who lost their job in 2020 due to the pandemic. Panicking, I applied to every single thing I thought I could do, used so many recruiters (to no luck) and ended up having to work multiple jobs and buff up my freelance work to stay afloat.

Although I sometimes am still miffed I couldn't ride out the pandemic with my cushy full-time job, the whole experience taught me several things: 1) nothing is ever guaranteed 2) I work better doing multiple jobs rather than go to the same place everyday 5 times a week 3) I love my freelance work and generally don't feel like it's a burden to work on a Saturday or Sunday if need be and 4) having a sort of resiliency in times like this is really invaluable weapon.

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Side jobs at 7-11 or other such places are not going to improve your hiring future.

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