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Swimmers could face lifetime bans if they turn up for competitions with dyed hair, elaborately painted nails or pierced ears.


A Japan Swimming Association official. Synchronized swimmers can keep their nose pegs and sparkly costumes but will be banned from having brightly decorated fingernails or dying their hair. (Reuters)

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Is this only for Events in Japan? I had a friend that was an excellent swimmer back in Cali, however he was naturally blonde. But from being in the pool so often for practice and compititions, his hair actually started to turn a greenish tint from the chlorine. Would he be banned for life?

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Is this only for Events in Japan?

Yes only Japan. Most other countries are not stuck 200 years in the past.

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not even pierced ears ? they are not allowed to wear pierced earrings on their freetime ? or having the holes but putting nothing inside for the competition is OK ?

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It's a good thing Japan's olympic higher-ups are focusing on the athletes' appearance as opposed to their skills. If they're not going to stand out athletically, then they're looks should likewise be unnoticeable. On the other hand, for many Japanese the closest they'll get to "wearing a medal in the Olympics" will be wearing earrings which, alas, require pierced ears...

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They said this about their swimmer too. Honestly do these folks have nothing better to do with their time - like find decent coaches for this folks? - than treat these people like stupid high school students??

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