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The age for starting to use smartphones is getting younger, at a faster pace than expected. It's necessary for children and their guardians to learn about the dangers of online society early.


Hajime Arai, a professor at Kansai Gaidai University in Osaka Prefecture and an expert on cyberbullying among children. According to a survey conducted by Japan's education ministry in the 2021 school year, there were 21,900 cases recognized as cyberbullying among students that year -- a record.

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Bullying or cyber bullying, don't blame technology for cultural behaviour.

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@Wobot Did you fully understand what I was saying?

Bullying is an absolutely inherent part of Japanese culture,to establish peer structure.You know,the kohai/sempai stuff.

Doesn't matter what means of communication are utilised.

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There isn’t a danger from smartphones. It doesn’t touch you, no knife or gun shot comes out of it and also no hand comes out of the display to grab your wallet or bank book. The only danger as far as I know is if you take it with you into the bathtub while power loading. But even that I doubt a little bit because I can’t imagine that there’s really such high voltage at the cable’s output poles, maybe victims drew the hole extension cable into water too then.

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Smartphones just make bullying easier. Just another tool for the miscreants.

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The starting she to own a tablet/smartphone is 9 months... Or that's what I've seen at restaurants where parents just put a tablet on the kids faces or smartphone when on a stroller.

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And how, pray tell do you intend to educate the youth on the dangers of tech? Recognizing problems without offering solutions is well, useless.

We are all ears to your proposals prof Arai.

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