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The biggest challenge (for the new cabinet) is tackling the country's aging population and low birthrate. I'll push ahead with reforms to create a social security system reassuring everyone.


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

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Is it going to be as successful as your plans for reforms to improve working conditions and opportunities for women, childcare, and paternity leave?

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more hot air from a PM who does little else but "pledge"

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We need to get those 70,000 Centenarians back into the work force!

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Abe! Please don't bother. You've done enough damage already!

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Well I can make it easy for him because there is only one solution. The retirement age must be raised taking into account advances in life expectancy, and the pension system must either be means tested or progressively taxed. There is really nothing you can do to force couples to have children.

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The biggest problem is the birth rate. If this problem is not addressed first and fast, nothing else matters.

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Reckless: I agree on retirement age. On the other hand the system is already progressively taxed when calculating withholding.

The math says that japan’s pension system will go broke for certain. All of these measures will only delay the inevitability of it.

My country of birth, the US is not far behind and may be in worse shape if we consider unfunded liabilities.

There is a high probability there will be another global depression within the next couple of decades.

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