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The biggest problem in Tokyo will be traffic congestion because there are many narrow roads in the city.


Tamayo Marukawa, Japan's new minister for the 2020 Olympics and Paralympics (Jiji Press)

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Notify IOC and ask them why this point was missed.

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There are also many wide roads, avenues and expressways. Tokyo's roads, as in any major city, are always busy, plan properly and start your journey earlier then you won't have a problem.

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I don't think many Olympic visitors are going to rent cars and drive around. What is likely to be a bigger problem is visitors trying to find their way around without any proper address system.

The chome/banchi system just doesn't work. And what compounds the problem is that the little plates that give this information are tiny and often obscured by handmade posters.

Give streets names and houses numbers, display these prominently and it would be easy to find your way around.

The rest of the planet does it, why can't Japan?

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traffic congestion ???

No it wont be as most visitors will be travelling by train or bus. The biggest problem would be the foot traffic as most places at least in Tokyo will be 100 times busier.

visitors trying to find their way around without any proper address system

Locals as well ! When you start saying to people "oh I live near 7-11 next to the bookstore" or "Its on the street right next to the gas station" then you know that the system doesnt work.

A friend of mine just moved to a big housing development area and in his block, there are 20 new houses most of them look the same and boy, is it difficult for any delievery person to find the right house

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The 'Lords of the RIngs' will demand priority travel and special lanes for members of the 'Olympic village', the IOC, committee members and families, officials, sponsors, VIPs and athletes to get from their hotels and accommodation to venues; everyone else, such as spectators will have to take their chance with either public transport or cars.

That's the Olympic way...

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If this person thinks that is is going to be the 'biggest problem,' then I have a bridge in Odaiba I'd like to sell them as well.

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I live and drive in Tokyo. This guy has no idea what he is talking about. Most roads except a few clogged arteries go pretty smoothly. Also, tolls are high so Shuto express is not that bad on most days, and there are so many options such as taxi, bus, train, monorail and subway. The morning crush is horrific however.

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So I'm expecting some link between Tamayo Marukawa and construction companies to surface in the next few weeks. Board member? Notable campaign donations?

Traffic congestion won't be one of the biggest problems - Tokyo has one of the best public transport systems in the world.

Here are 4 more likely problems than traffic congestion:

1 Affordable hotels

2 English / multi-lingual help

3 The summer heat and lack of shade

4 Awareness of what to do in the case of an earthquake

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