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The central government and TEPCO repeatedly told us, 'Nuclear power plants are safe because they've got multiple protection systems.'

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Fukushima Gov Yuhei Sato, expressing anger at the central government and Tokyo Electric Power Co. He says both "betrayed" the people of Fukushima Prefecture with repeated assurances about the safety of nuclear power plants. (Daily Yomiuri)

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despite the "disaster" of an earthquake and tsunami they(TEPCO and Japan Gov) are doing a great job... far better than the Japan Red Cross for example...

how many people killed from explosion and radiation ? ... zero ............ how many killed by tsunami and earthquake in Fukushima? ... way more than zero............ how many people had to leave their cities up and down the northeast coast not including Fukushima? tens of thousands...

what's so special about the nuke plants?

ah, the blame game...

and tobacco will kill more people in Japan this year, than all the current disasters combined... as will suicide in Japan...

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