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The committee has set the marathon’s start time at 7 a.m., 30 minutes earlier than initially planned. However, in the wake of this summer’s heat wave, some have called for introducing daylight saving time while others have proposed holding the marathon’s events at night. There is no end in sight for discussions over the time schedule for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics marathon.


An official of the Tokyo Organizing Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, saying 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games marathon start time is still in limbo.

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Running marathons in August at any time in the summer months is against common sense!

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Hold it in Hokkaido

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If summer time can help relieve the heat during summer, why not have it every year throughout the entire season?

There's a reason Singapore, Bangkok and other overheated muggy cities don't apply to host the Olympic Games.

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Japan should carefully ponder why EU is seriously considering to give up DST.

More than anything else, it is stupid to introduce DST to NATION to host the Olympics in CITY(correctly speaking, including neighbouring prefectures).

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How about running the marathon on treadmills at the Tokyo dome or is that 'too' innovative ;)

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30 minutes earlier start than planned ..in a race that will go for hours and hours...wow..what a huge difference is this pathetic, typically half baked Japanese ideA gonna make. As always make a half ass decision just for the sake of tatemae and to appear they are ' tackling the issue ' . Hopeless J oyaji management on display once again.

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Japan should carefully ponder why EU is seriously considering to give up DST.

You misunderstand.

Millions “think that in the future we should have summertime all year round”, he said. ”So that’s what will happen.”


They are not giving up DST - they are planning on having permanent DST.

Jspan should too. After all, would it be bad for you if it got light at 5am and dark at 8pm in summer?

Fora bit of history:

Daylight... saving was introduced by European governments at the beginning of the 1980s to save on energy costs.

Is saving energy such a bad thing,

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Seems reasonable to me. In the summer at 7 it is still not so bad and elite runners will finish by 9:15 am or so. I say they could even start earlier. You definitely want to avoid being out running between 10 am and 4 pm.

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Reckless, I walk to my station in Tokyo at around 07:50am, and this summer was unbearable. It was so bad I chose a longer path in the shade, and just for a 10 minute walk. The Olympic marathon winner will be only half way through at 08:00am.

The decision making is idiotic because all they had to do was to run it at night. They could keep the central Tokyo location and most of the tv world is awake at that time. Starting the Tokyo Olympic marathon at 20:00 would make quite a difference, not so much in terms of temperature, but in terms of sunlight heat.

Running the marathon at 20:00 would also have less effect on rush hour traffic.

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I am sure these elite athletes can handle the morning run though world records will not be broken.

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