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The dissolution of the Lower House was earlier than expected. Although our craftspeople are working even on weekends, we're at an every-second-counts situation.


Masanori Iida, an adviser to Iida Corp in Daito, Osaka Prefecture, which leases campaign cars for elections from across the country. With the Oct 31 House of Representatives election coming up, companies providing campaign vehicles, microphones, speakers and other related items are busy dealing with a flood of orders.

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Nice to know the creators of mobile noise pollution vehicles also have their weekends ruined by the same vehicles that ruin my weekend, the irony.

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Yes, the noise pollution, one point of view… I would say instead, the louder the less arguments. Who needs those cars and loudspeakers, surely doesn’t have any convincing arguments, program or manifesto. If I would be eligible to vote, of course we foreigners are not, but if…then I would take a serious look onto those parties that doesn’t send all those loud and disturbing cars through all streets and accommodation quarters. lol

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Fortunately, we don't get the election trucks. We had one announcement about the election of our city mayor who goes around on a green bicycle, except when its raining, then he uses a small white farming truck,

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It's not just those "official election campaign cars"!

Saw quite a few "white" busses and cars, displaying the Japanese flag, using "special music", cruising our area.

Some people just never learn (from history).

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