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The generation that didn't go through the war feel the experience of terrible suffering in World War II is not a problem for them to worry about because it's removed from their everyday lives, and the


Hisaaki Takeuchi, an associate professor at Tokyo Woman's Christian University, saying that the experiences of World War II must be passed on, yet memories of that war are fading. (Asahi Shimbun)

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I don't believe it's necessary to live in the past, as the professor intones. Rather, while our children should learn about past wars and atrocities should be quick and fast, and a terribly graphic impression of what people do in anger and fear. Teach your children well, or their father's hell will go slowly go on.

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What specific experiences is this guy talking about? Rampant nationalism? Murderous rage against the Chinese? Xenophobic feelings of genetic superiority to the rest of the world?

Or is he ONLY referring to the poor victims of Japan who were busily minding their own business, studying flower arranging and tea ceremony when nuclear bombs dropped out of the sky completely unannounced?

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He's a professor of "peace studies." LOL. Last time I saw a "peace studies" seminar, it had two sets of guest speakers: Hiroshima victims and former internees of Japanese-American internment camps.

When I asked an organizer whether anybody/anything was missing from the program, she said "no." So yeah, it's all about the innocent Japanese being brutalized by foreigners. Because that's all that matters....

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Memories such as: it wasn't our fault, the comfort ladies is a lie, the treaty was signed under duress and is invalid, the hundreds of thousands of gaijin coal-miners in Kyushu during the war enjoyed the job,,,

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terrible suffering in World War II

They love talking about their terrible suffering. What about the terrible suffering that Japan inflicted on the rest of Asia? And they wonder why there are problems with China

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Thanks to Article 9 there are people who were born and grew old in a country that did not go to war. On the other hand, successive LDP governments have supported every worthless, unjust war that the US has ever fought.

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