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The government has to set up a proper system to help educate these kids. As the children get older, they have to break the poverty cycle and education is the key.


Children's Network director Chieko Kuribayashi. The increase in the number of single mothers is fuelling Japan's record child poverty rates. (ABC News)

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Plenty of educated parents out there with no choice but to work for 750 an hour. That 's your poverty, Ms. Kuribayashi.

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Hard to break the poverty cycle, it has existed since the days od Moses and beyond. I am curious to see their marvelous plan. It likely involves creating a new cabinet, with a new level of bureaucracy, which will be funded by the taxpayers (mainly the richer ones), and the amounf of revenue sucked out of the economy to feed these leeches will be that much less than what could have been spent on wages or other economic activity had the money been left where it was. But at least they can say they "are doing something about the problem".

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