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The government will strive to dispel public distrust by allowing outside experts to join an 'amakudari' investigation set to be conducted on all ministries and agencies, to ensure the effectiveness of


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, pledging to make every effort to root out the practice of "amakudari," in which high-ranking government bureaucrats obtain juicy jobs mainly in the private sector after retirement. (Jiji Press)

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What's really needed is a mascot named "AmakuDame."

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what a joke, this amakudari investigation started even before I came to Nippon in 1993,,, all sizzle no steak,,, they have zero desire to rock the boat.

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An old man is gunna set up a panel to investigate other old men on his same team...

Excuse me while I laugh this one out.

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No country on Earth has eliminated the revolving door problem in politics so have little hope for this

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Someone needs to call Rex Banner - there's a guy who's not afraid to rock the boat.

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Laugh of the day, absolute comedy gold.

Amakudari is what keeps the dead hands of the Oyaji clamped around the nation's throat, stifling innovation, creativity and everything that Japan needs to combat its myriad problems. It's killing the country, literally. And this farcical whitewash will serve no purpose at all since amakudari is one of the keys that maintains the LDP grip on power.

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"Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, pledging ...."

Again, one more pledge? I stopped counting them after he made so many already ....

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I for one am NOT holding my breath..

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to ensure the effectiveness of the probe

I can think of only one Abe probe that's effective.

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