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The government will study the infection rates before deciding on whether to extend the emergency measures.


Prime Minster Yoshihide Suga. Health officials are asking the Japanese government to extend the state of emergency beyond its scheduled end date of May 31 until June 20 as coronavirus infections have failed to decline significantly in 9 prefectures, including Tokyo and Osaka.


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What's to study? Or doesn't the ministry of health have a simple breakdown in Big Print Manga form for him to understand.

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They’re consulting with ‘experts’.

End of interview.

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Failed to decline significantly? Well, there is surely quite a difference between extending measures and extending the SOE time span only.

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Is this all he said, or did he give specifics as to what would result in emergency measures being extended?

For example, measures will be extended if the R rate is over x, or if the overall positive rate is over y etc.?

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The "r" rates. That's what all the weird "data" for Tokyo has been about. Creating an artistic decline in r rates for Tokyo. The Tokyo Keizai site that JT links to shows a nice sharp decline from May 13 on.

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Need for 6 preparation meetings and 2 decision meetings before making a preliminary conclusion for the study if extension is really needed.

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Aaaaahhhh, the most used word in Japan, STUDY!

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