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The internet is prone to helping disseminate demagogy, hate speech and political propaganda. I have developed an acute sense, since last autumn (when the U.S. election took place), that we need a sens


Atsuo Fujimura, a senior vice president with smartphone news app operator SmartNews Inc, who is mobilizing key players in the Japanese media to fight fake news on the Internet by forming a council dedicated to the issue. (Asahi Shimbun)

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Well you can start here in Japan by curbing the net uyoku.

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Fake news about fake news has been happening since the printing press was invented. What book was first printed in mass?

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What confusing quote who wants to promote is smartphone news app.

Prior to the mass use of internet there were printing, screen printing, t-shirts, pirate radio, leaflets....

Fake news as aways been a part of all societies maybe in a country like Japan which can't really claim to have press freedom as known in the west. Like no Q&A sessions with PM and ministers. Instead the press clubs and handouts, the people believe without questioning, what they read, watch or listen to. Even the NHK is under government control. I recently the comments of a female minister stating all media groups which constantly publish news against the government should be shut down?

I am very selective where I get my news from and if serious enough do my own fact checking. There are numerous news sites and blogs pushing their own agenda at the expense of truth.

The first serious step in dealing with fake news would be the total democracy of the media with the ending of all those press clubs.

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