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The introduction of grandchild leave systems by businesses is an effective way for society as a whole to support the raising of children.


Prof Akira Wakisaka of Gakushuin University, who specializes in labor economics. Some companies have introduced special leave systems for employees so they can take care of their grandchildren, due to a shortage of daycare centers. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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except that children, much less even grandchildren, are in low supply these days.

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Sorry prof this is STUPID beyond belief!!

WHEN will this country DEAL with its problems instead of the SYMPTOMS!!

Get a clue man, everyone DOESNT live near their grandparents & even if they did relying on grandparents for regularly taking care of grandkids is messed up!

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Have to agree with the other comments. This seems very much like PLAN B. The subliminal message is that the legislation (to help parents) which is already on the books is not working, being enforced, taken up by the working generation. As such, let's foist the kids off on grandma and grand dad.

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I don't understand the critics here. Some companies are allowing grandparents time off to care for grandkids. Sounds like a great idea. It's not a government plan, but initiatives of private companies, and it can't hurt.

The complaints here seem to suggest that any effort that doesn't totally solve the problems of Japanese society is not worth making.

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The thing is Japan never seems address the ACTUAL problems, just glance a bit at the symptoms which in the bigger picture DOESNT address the problems

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