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The issues of worker exploitation by employers and long working hours have recently captured public attention, so young people today are strongly conscious of the negative aspects of working for companies. Putting more priority on their private lives, an increasing number of people wish to work relatively short hours and be promoted to positions that are not too high but not so low.


Natsuki Iwama, a visiting researcher at the Japan Productivity Center. He was commenting on the results of a survey that showed the percentage of new recruits with dreams of becoming company president hit a record low.

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Treat people right, don’t bully em!

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Exactly. Make the shift from the ridiculous next-in-line by age promotions, to a more natural hierarchy of COMPETENCE. Reward productive behavior and results, rather than conformity, and Japan will be back. Let those that want to lead lead. Do away with the mindset of mediocrity once and for all. It can be done. Massive potential if these challenges are met head on!

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Sounds like they have the right idea. A better life-work balance than their predecessors. Hope they get it. Hope things change.

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However, if you read between the lines of this statement, you can see an underlying sentiment of entitlement in the young. They want the money, but don't want to work for it because 'they are entitled'.

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Really, Disillusioned?

Guess your recipe for success in life is the youth (and everybody else of course) working long hours without almost any time for private life?

Work efficiency and long working hours are two different things, aren't they? You should know.  After all, you also complain about the Japanese staying in the office late even when they do not have so much to do there.

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