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The Japanese government should be firm (with President Trump) for his outrageous use of just 140 characters to communicate such an important message.


Democratic Party Secretary-General Yoshihiko Noda, referring to a tweet by U.S. President Donald Trump, written earlier in this month, before he was even inaugurated, in which he threatened to levy high taxes on cars made by Toyota Motor Corp for the U.S. market unless the auto manufacturer backed down from its plans to build a new factory in Mexico. (Mainichi Shimbun)

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Japan strikes back with Convolution: the nemawashi app.

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That's just the tip of the iceberg, folks ! Hide and watch !

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Aren't you missing the point? How on earth could he be outraged at the word count? The message was probably quite clear

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I'd pay money to see Shinzo Botchan being firm with Trump.

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It's called "straight talk" Noda. Of course you don't get a lot of that in this country---not to one's face, at least----but direct, clear speech is a good thing not a bad thing.

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The message has been heard clearly.

That's good.

Saved US and Japanese tax payers thousands of dollars.

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I think Aso-san and others put their foot in their mouth about every other day with a racist, insensitive, historically inaccurate sound bite. Enjoy!

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Dont know which is worse - Trump,s 140 characters or endless yepping to make ( or often avoid ) a point by the other politicians , Japanese included. Anyway sides of J-politics better get used to Trump being "different ". How "very regrettable . Gambaroo.

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direct, clear speech is a good thing not a bad thing

Depends which side of the Atlantic (or in this case, north Pacific) you're on, old bean.

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Good idea, Noda! Trump is doing this with Japan so far only promising to kiss his butt -- imagine what he'll do when you are "firm". I've never in my life seen Japan panic like it is now.

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I think Japanese companies are in a good spot now because they are internationalized and can produce cars in the US and make a profit.

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Why is this muppet even still around? He cost his party the election. shouldn't he retire and be in an amakudari job where he can do less damage to progressive politics??

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