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The LDP suffered a crushing defeat in the election for the House of Representatives in 2009, but the party is now sincere, humble and honest.


Shigeru Ishiba, secretary-general of the Liberal Democratic Party, seeking voter support in Saturday's Tokyo metropolitan assembly election. (Jiji Press)

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Let's see. They are sincere liars, humble jackasses, and honestly stupid! Is that what he means?

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Thank you Shigeru. First big laugh of the day, and it's only 8:10

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Previously we were insincere, arrogant and dishonest. But we're not anymore. Honest.

Who would trust a politician who actually told people they were now sincere and honest, as if it was some dynamic new forward-thinking innovation?

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but the party is now sincere, humble and honest.

So before it wasn't any of those things?

Guy Must be an idiot to come out with statements like this, these guys are getting dumber and this mug is the secretary general of the group, says truck loads about them.

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No political party is sincere.

No political party is humble.

No political party is honest.

What's this guy smoking?

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The fact that he needs to say this says otherwise....actions speak louder than words....empty, empty words

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It's election time! Ishiba, who seems to hope that he will become prime minister some day in the future, is painting everything with roses. Expect these LDP guys to say all kinds of nice things about themselves and their party through the entire election campaign. It's part of their brainwashing strategy ...

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Thanks JT for the chuckle.

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At first sight, I thought Ishiba must have been using some extremely rare and unusual definitions for these three words, then I noticed that he said this to "seek voter support in Saturday’s Tokyo metropolitan assembly election" and it all made sense.

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The last time I met a sincere, honest and humble politicial it was at a funeral.....

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The party (LDP) is now sincere, humble and honest


(translation - "We want your votes.")


(translation - "We want your votes.")


(translation - "We want your votes.")

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