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The line should be drawn between foreigners on short-stay visas and those who stay in Japan based on other statuses of residence. Those whose lives are based in Japan need to be able to return.


Kenshiro Michishita of Sakura Lawyers. Almost everyone except Japanese citizens are barred from entry if they arrive from one of 100 countries, including the U.S. and most of Europe, regardless of their visa or residence status. This has caused problems for many foreign residents who were overseas when Japan declared a state of emergency due to the coronavirus.

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More than that in my opinion.

Those who fail to see things like that, but in still in positions of power should be named and shamed for their heartlessness and discrimination.

Quarantine and red tape and all that abounds in today’s world.

But to not let a family reunite, or someone return to their legally obtained life, is just wrong and it’s also bad for Japan and for the Japanese people.

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I try to be positive about Japan's view of non-Japanese and immigration, but treating permanent residents in this way is disgusting.

It also shows that nothing has been learned from the Diamond Princess, where Japanese citizens were allowed to simply walk off the boat. That worked as dry run for what has followed, and the excuse of "it's a new situation" does not count any more.

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I know people who have business here who cannot get back because of the re entry conditions they are in very difficult situations because govts poor decisions.

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Stupidity is the strongest force in the Universe.

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On the top of my head, I can't think of a civilized country which does this. Said it the other day, Hong Kong has been helping to get back Pakistani nationals back, despite some of them testing positive on arrival, and they've done it more than once recently. Why? Because they are HK residents and have family there. Other countries have allowed residents back, and also foreign spouses and close relatives of nationals.

God help us if some of our relatives abroad get sick or die. Say goodbye to attending any funerals abroad, unless you're prepared to leave Japan for a long long time. A very heartless, but not totally unexpected decision made by those who have no empathy, or even awareness of these consequences.

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This is part for the course and I, for one, am not surprised. People say Japan is changing and maybe it is slowly, but the people at the top are pretty much still stuck in their idea of what Japanese are and are hesitant to see any non-Japanese the same way. You will always be a gaijin to them.

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Kenshiro Michishita,

Thank you for some common sense & compassion, MUCH appreciated!

Sadly the govt here thinks much LESS of its non-Japanese residents, keeps shooting itself in the foot by being so overtly UN-WELCOMING!!

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Disgraceful decision made by the japanese government. And to think at one time they were wanting to attract foreign talent......

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I've been paying tax here for almost 30 years and hold PR - and whilst I fully accept that non essential travel restrictions should be in place right now and I have NO interest in sitting on a plane for 12 hours with a mask on. BUT there should a process to be able to leave for a family emergency etc. I fully accept the PCR test on arrival/14 day Quarantine but this is arcane and disgraceful - and as we all well know there will be nowhere to appeal this or get any kind of exception.

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Japanese policymakers as usual haven't got a clue what they're doing and how it impacts the lives of the people who live in and contribute to this country. In this case foreign residents. My guess is that the restrictions will be eased eventually, but not until an unforeseeable amount of further non-inclusive "considerations" have been made.

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At least this has woken up all PR holders to the reality of the PR status in Japan. It's been misunderstood by some as being something permanent and close to a citizen. A better name for it would be "long term foreign resident visa" - less misunderstandings that way when pandemics come along.

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It's happened again in Hong Kong today. Seven more imported cases from Pakistan, and the government still allows foreign residents to come back. While I admire their compassion (a 180 when compared to this heartless government in Japan), I just don't agree letting people on a plane before they are tested and shown to be negative. Didn't the UK also insist that their citizens tested negative before stepping on the plane and returning from Wuhan?


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Once a gaijin, always a gaijin. (Personal experience)

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First time dropping a comment here. Sadly, I am currently experiencing this seggregation. While my family is in Japan, I am separated in LA for the last 4 months.

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