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The major cause of heatstroke is abnormal weather, but children’s lifestyle of playing games in air-conditioned indoor settings has likely contributed to the increase.


Tomoo Okada, a professor at Kanagawa Institute of Technology and a researcher of heatstroke that occurs in connection with schools. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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People playing pachinko and leaving their children in hot cars has contributed to the increase

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The major cause of heatstroke associated with school activities is a lack of attentiveness on the part of supervising adults. Abnormal weather only increases the chances that that failure to supervise will result in unneeded deaths.

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Stephen Knight The major cause of heatstroke associated with school activities is a lack of attentiveness on the part of supervising adults

PRECISELY . . . . .and, - I am still trying to figure how - ( kids playing sports in airconditioned gyms) - figures in to so many elderly dying of heat stroke !!????

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Agree totally with all posters.

The lack of awareness of adults to the problems associated with high temperatures/humidity is surely the major contributing factor.

Maintaining body fluids, resting in peak heat times and dare I suggest it - cancelling events when the conditions exceed a set level.

In my city today the UV forecast is for a max of 9.5 @ midday - that's almost extreme rating- but rest assured there wiill be little change in the local schools club activities.

At my daughters closing of the term ceremony on Friday a boy who received an award on stage - and had to remain there standing for over 30mins - fainted and fell 1.5 meters to the floor below. He had concussion and a seizure. He was taken to hospital by ambulance and has now fully recovered. The conditions in the hall at the time with over 1,000 people in attendance were stifling. At no time was there a hint of even stopping or shortening the ceremony.

Go figure.

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Japanese people seem to think that "gambarre" is the solution to every situation.

Slept 2 hours last night? Gambarre!!

Have pneumonia? Go to work and Gambarre!!

40 degrees on sports day? Gambarre!!

Chopped your leg off with an axe? Gambarre!!

... people are dying from heat stroke because either they're being stupid or the adults supervising them are being stupid. Airconditioning has nothing to do with it, a little common sense and avoiding outdoor activities in the afternoon during summer is the sensible and sane thing to do. Hydrate, avoid being in the direct sunlight too much. Common sense stuff.

... All schools should be required to buy a dog. If the dog goes inside the kids should too. Because honestly the dog has more common sense than the teachers in most cases.

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setting air conditioner at 28C is aggravating heatstroke cases.

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Summer months are the most dangerous time of the year for children and accidental deaths occurs the most. Therefore it pays to be aware of common summertime dangers to reduce the likelihood of your child spending time in the hospital. Children tend to sweat a lot and lose excessive amounts of water when they're playing outdoors which could lead to heat stroke and heat exhaustion. So limit the amount of time your child spend in the sun, dress them in light-weight and light-colored clothes and replenish lost fluids every 25 to 30 minutes, particularly when the heat reaches about 27 degrees C. Children are also vulnerable to sunburn so make them wear protective clothing and exercise caution while sunbathing. Summer is a great time for a family to make long-lasting memories so it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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God forbid that kids should play in air conditioned areas... the horror!

Rather that than have kids running about playing tennis or baseball in very hot weather where they don't take on enough fluid for the amount they are losing. Enough of the Samurai spirit garbage... look after the health of kids, not turn them into good little salarymen who put up with anything and everything without complaining.

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The summer isn't even that hot where I live but all the obasans are out in 28-30 degrees with three layers of clothing complaining that it's hot. Yeah they're thin layers, but an undershirt, blouse and light jacket - not to mention hats, masks gloves and parasols - is overkill.

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Have some common sense. When it is hot rest. Drink water. Do your outdoor Exercises at night , early morning . Wait until autumn for sports day. Drink drink drink. Gambare is for the birds. Don't do it. There is no shame if it keeps you healthy.

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You would think for a country with a declining population that more thought would go into health/safety/general preservation of life.

I have a student, a cheerleader, who told me during the game she has to do her routine or pose- no drink breaks.

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The major cause of heatstroke is abnormal weather

It's only abnormal if it doesn't happen every single year.

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children’s lifestyle of playing games in air-conditioned indoor settings has likely contributed to the increase.

Wait. Is this professor suggesting that the relatively modern phenomenon of children playing video games indoors has, in a thumb-your-nose-at-evolution, removed or somehow lessened a child's supposed natural tolerance of high outdoor temperatures? What utter nonsense.

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Japan Today confuses the term "heat stroke" with "heat exhaustion". "Heat exhaustion" is the condition when someone faints from the heat. Victims are pale and sweaty, but can be roused soon enough by moving them somewhere cool. Heat exhaustion is common in playgrounds, athletic fields, and hot workplaces. As a former Army medic, I have treated countless cases.

"Heat stroke" is the condition where the victim's body shuts down from the heat. Their skin is dry, hot, and pink. Victims can die or suffer brain damage if they aren't treated immediately. Heat stroke is a rare condition, and only a handful of people die from it each summer.

But I suppose "Heat Stroke" sounds more sexy than "Heat Exhaustion", even if the term is inaccurate.

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The professor is probably right. I remember reading in Ken Doherty's Modern Training for Running that it takes a trained athlete several weeks of training in a hot room for two hours a day to get acclimated to running in the heat. And it takes about a week of no exposure to heat to start losing that acclimation.

Now imagine how such acclimation applies to little kids and old people that depend on A/C, no acclimation, sudden exposure.

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My kids play hi tempo soccer in this heat. Mostly in the shade but often in full sun. At home we only use fans. I think it's possible for kids to be acclimated as long as they are well prepared.

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