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The March 11 disaster made many couples rethink their priorities. Some found that work was a higher priority to them than family, and this helped people gain the confidence to decide on a divorce.


Hiroki Terai, a 31-year-old former salesman, who pioneered the divorce ceremony two years ago. Requests for the ceremony have tripled since the March 11 disaster. (Reuters)

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"Every cloud has its silver lining...?" Finding an excuse - company providing opportunity to couples to escape from family responsibility and making profits, selfish business & irresponsible society.

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whattya expect this guys biz is DIVORCE haha!

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My divorce was finalized, but I held a private party.

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Maybe it's the focus on a civil divorce, without acrimony, that's the key here - the desire to move on without bitterness or regret.

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Seeing so many losing their loved ones and the danger of March 11 made some people value work more than their family? What a load of rubbish.

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