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The masks allowed me to talk honestly with company reps, which was good because doing so gave me a new perspective.


A university student who participated in a unique job fair in which the faces of students and company representatives were fully covered in an effort to encourage candor and eliminate prejudices and assumptions in job-search and recruitment activities, at Namba SkyO in Osaka.

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Shall we bring out the burkas next?

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But even with the masks, the recruiter can till see your mandatory picture on your application. So, unless we eliminate photos, voices and names, recruiters will still be biased towards clean-cut, 'Japanese-looking' males.

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Yeah... I'm sure it REALLY eliminated candor and prejudices. And how about the resumes that went with it? They have photos with masks on? Is information like age masked, too? Gender? Why not? All this does is introduce a creepy element to an already stressful situation. If they are serious about eliminating the things they said, hold online interviews that not only do not disclose the physical appearance of the interviewee and interviewers, but also eliminate name, address, educational background, age, family, and certain elements of past experience.

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