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The need among applicants for a more efficient job-hunting process is increasing as foreign banks eliminate senior positions.


Soichiro Minami, a former Morgan Stanley banker. He is organizing what he says is Japan’s first “pink slip party” for finance professionals, in Heartland, a Tokyo bar where Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc employees once hung out. About 100 unemployed people, in the market for jobs paying at least $100,000, have been invited to Tuesday's gathering (Bloomberg)

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i'm surprised at the lack of snide comments about crashing the party to laugh at the invited. there's usually no shortage of schadenfreude here.

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About 100 unemployed people, in the market for jobs paying at least $100,000

Yeah it's a hard life in Japan. I guess they won't be able to buy 8 cars and 19 designer watches again until they find themselves a new job.

at least $100,000

You know, I always thought that Japan used the Yen and not the dollar. I guess I was wrong.

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neverknow2. Hey those earning 100k plus are paying a hefty dose in taxes so you can enjoy free money from welfare.

Keep in mind that these guys actually worked hard to get somewhere. You shoul try that sometimes.

Being jealous is not gonna get you anywhere.

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