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The number of Islamic tourists has been increasing over recent years. Although Halal food is available in hotels, we have learned that it's not the case with amenities and shampoo. That's why we decid


Atsushi Omichi of Point Pyuru Co Ltd, a cosmetics maker located on Kume Island, 100 kilometers west of Naha. The company has just developed amenity goods that are suitable for Halal use for tourists from Islamic nations. (ANI)

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Can't they bring their own cosmetics? I do not think this itch market will get much sales.

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It's interesting how religious beliefs are tolerated and catered for while irrational beliefs in every other sphere of human activity are rightly mocked, ridiculed and discouraged. Why don't these same hotels install the old non-energy efficient lightbulbs to cater to guests who are convinced that climate change is a neoliberal hoax? Or provide a complementary tin foil hat for those who need to stop alien transmissions? For the sake of humanity we really shouldn't encourage this.

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Do you bring shampoo when you go to a hotel, MsDelicious?

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Do you bring shampoo when you go to a hotel, MsDelicious?

Dunno if she does, but I do. The stuff in Japanese hotels is usually too harsh for my very fine blonde hair, and the more 'quality' the brand, the less likely it is to be cruelty-free.

There are already plenty of halal shampoos & other cosmetic stuff available; is there any benefit to reinventing the wheel?


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More importantly, will I go to hell for nicking the shampoo on my way out? Is pinching non-halal goods less of a sin?

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Actually I do not use Shampoo. It is really bad for your hair and then the scalp has to keep feeding oils to the hair to bring it back to its natural state. Please look it up. Many of us do not use shampoo any more.

But, the water has to be nice and hot, and Japan seems to be very good at that.

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"Do you bring shampoo when you go to a hotel, MsDelicious?"

I always do. Usually Molton-Brown 4 in 1 shower gel. I just prefer it more than any of the others for its quality, scent and efficacy.

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The reason why pork is regarded as haraam is because the Koran says it is. It really is that simple. I honestly doubt hundreds of millions of people would have reached the collective conclusion that the pig is unpleasant to look at had they not been schooled in a religious beliefs which sometimes teach almost hysterical dislike of this animal. It's irrational and superstitious. Islam or other religions aren't alone in teaching irrational dislikes but call it what it is. I don't know too many people in my home country or here in Japan who see pigs in this way.

Also, the 'whale poo/vomit' example is a pretty lame one. Just say whale products. The reason why many people around the world avoid whale products ( or can't get their hands on them ) is the issue of whaling. Dislike of whaling isn't generally based on the ideas of a holy book, it's based on a belief that it's cruel.

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In recent years, there have been very tight regulations introduced on the types of claims that cosmetics companies are allowed to make (ie. anti-aging creams will reduce your wrinkles etc) all in an effort to protect vulnerable consumers from being exploited and misled.

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Do you bring shampoo when you go to a hotel, MsDelicious?

Most women I know do.

And most men take the stuff provided.

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