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The number of people who made car-camping trips in 2017 rose for the fifth consecutive year to 8.4 million. About 20% of the total were beginners with camping experience of less than one year.


A spokesperson for Japan Auto Camping Federation, saying that camping is regaining popularity in Japan after a mid-1990s boom due to new camping options available, such as "glamping."

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I've been camping for more than 25 years in Japan and since I was a little kid in my hoe country and this year was the first time that I saw so many people who couldn't read the air (kuuki yomenai hito). Pitching your tent behind my car so that I can't leave is NOT the right way to go about it. Nor is pitching your tent in the middle of the only path to the watering area, playing baseball with your kids beside other people's cars and such...

Don't get me wrong, I love that people are finally getting out there more but they bring their video game lifestyles with them and have little to no regards to others (not everyone, but enough that I am thinking of staying away from the main camp grounds during national holidays).

And a big thanks to Coleman for making all this possible.

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Glamming! Love it. Get out there folks. The great outdoors innit. Road trip heaven this country is. Would take three lifetimes to explore it all. Get the work play balance right and you are gold. Stunningly beautiful.

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We go maybe twice a year. I'd go more, but my eldest is now in JHS and her sports club is more important than our family. Its both days on the weekend every week and in the summer holidays.

If more people going camping means more families hanging out together, then that's a good thing. Many Japanese campsites have excellent facilities and are near onsen, so the experience is very far from roughing it.

The trend I see in camping in Japan is a big ramping up of commercialization of camping gear, especially with a designer brand called Snow Peak. Glamping is an extension of this. Its about having pricey stuff you hardly ever use, not enjoying a simpler existence in nature.

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Love my camping road trips! I've been camping in at least 5 prefectures and even in rural Tokyo in all kinds of locations. Beautiful country out there and if I could I would spend at least half the year out there exploring new areas. No feeling like being in the great outdoors away from the masses.

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