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The Ospreys barely miss my house's rooftop and shake the house with the loud noise.


Tadanobu Izumi, 82, who lives 300 meters away from Camp Hansen's helicopter takeoff and landing zone. The village of Ginoza in Okinawa has begun measuring levels of the noise from the U.S. military's MV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft. (Jiji Press)

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the american planes used to to take from there since when he was a lot younger, right?

From the day the planes started making that godawful racket overhead, it became impossible for him to sell his house.

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@Bertie I hope you do not suspect me of having sympathies for the US still occupying Okinawa... But, that man maybe 82 now, but the american planes used to to take from there since when he was a lot younger, right?

Stupid things like that give the "other side" argument in a world like ours....

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"Having US bases in Okinawa is a huge inconvenience"

Not as much of an inconvenience as having China run the place.

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I wonder if those who suggest that Mr Izumi just relocate if he finds the Ospreys noisy have any idea what it is to be 82?

Elderly people get very attached to their homes. Relocation at this person's age is a big deal. It's not like a person in their twenties throwing everything into a backpack and shooting off to the next town.

In addition to this, I wonder how many commenters realise how expensive it is to move in Japan. At 82, he's probably living on a pension, in his own house. He couldn't sell it for very much, even if he wanted to because no one would want to live there because of the noise pollution.

I'm certainly not suggesting that the whole of Camp Hansen move because of Mr Izumi either. If he were the only one. But he is not. There are a lot of Mr Izumi's who are living in similar conditions. There are schools trying to operate over the noise, hospitals where noise can be a big problem and so on.

Having US bases in Okinawa is a huge inconvenience.

They really have no place here.

That's why so many people want them OFF the island completely.

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As much as one wishes that the americans get finally kicked out, living 200 meters away is not really an intelligent way of dealing with noise....

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I'm sorry for this fellow, but honestly no matter how careful the pilots are there is just no way to "quietly" land 23 tons of aircraft. VTOL (Vertical take-off and landing) capability on the Osprey is limited and only available if it is fairly lightly loaded, and if they're using it for moving heavy stuff around the standard descent may be their only option.

Airports in the U.S. are subsidising sound insulation for houses nearby airports. Could this be a solution here?

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(sarcasm intended)

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Oh, buy a pair of ear plugs and you'll be fine. (And if that doesn't work, the Bose noise reduction headphones will).

Really not a big problem.

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Oh good grief, if Izumi doesn't want to hear any helicopter noise, he shouldn't live 300 meters from Camp Hansen's helicopter takeoff and landing zone. Or Tokyo, heck, I hear helicopters all the time in Tokyo.

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Have to agree there. Noise, unless it is at a dangerous level, isn't going to be acted on. Not in the US, not in foreign bases. An aircraft base is noisy, and there is little to nothing that can be done about that.

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Good luck with that. The residents outside the gates of NAS Atsugi been moaning for years... recording loudness for years... hasn't done them any good either.

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Or maybe... The Communist Party could pay more people 5,000 yen a day (like they do the protesters) to walk around with sound measuring devices. Or they could fly in more Mainlanders to add to the groups, like they already do, so that the sound measuring efforts look like real Okinawans are complaining!

Fact is that this is a very small minority stacking the deck (paying for bodies to show up at events) to promote a communist agenda. One that is being funded (in part or in whole) bu the Chinese Govt. These few old folks that they drum up are also subsidised.

So the whole "its too loud" loses credibility to both the US and Japan govts. Play straight and it may work better, play crooked and get laughed at!!

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Then they should take it up with Tokyo instead of the US.

I would tend to agree with you.

Ordinarily, in a democratic country, this would be the way to go.

However, Tokyo isn't listening.

In fact, the government in Tokyo cannot see beyond the metropolis.

It's not just Okinawa.

Abe knows best.

He doesn't listen to ANYBODY.

He doesn't listen to the problems in Tohoku after 3/11 and he doesn't listen to the huge numbers of people who don't want nuclear power in an earthquake ridden land like Japan.

The only thing Okinawa has left is to take it to the States.

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i want to see the video or photograph

make a blog or documentary

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A lot of Okinawans are sick of their land being used as a US base.

Then they should take it up with Tokyo instead of the US. Or better yet, not set up shop next to the base...

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Noise measurement is already in progress, according to Yomiuri.


I'm sure you'll hear about it, once the measurements come in.

A lot of Okinawans are sick of their land being used as a US base.

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Would like to see the results of this noise measurement. No good just saying you are doing it - lets see some actual numbers, otherwise it means nothing.

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If the Osprey is flying less than 152.4 meters over houses and schools, this should be documented by video and promptly reported. As far as the noise, low pitch bass sounds that vibrate throughout the structures, that should also be documented by conducting continuous noise surveys inside the structure/home with the windows closed. Once there is sufficient data to support the complaint, then present it to the appropriate branch of the Japanese government. Just saying that the "Osprey" flies too close to structures is not going to change anything. So, in short, gather your information and argue your case. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Its very difficult to ignore the facts. Good luck.

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I'm not necessarily doubting Mr Izumi's statement, but he should definitely get a video camera and record how close they come to his house, as well as the ensuing vibration. Encourage others to do the same, and upload it all to Youtube or somewhere similar. Then there'll be proof instead of words.

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