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The people of Tokyo don't have to come to the Olympics. The rest of Japan will come.


Tokyo Gov Shintaro Ishihara, criticizing Tokyo citizens' lack of support for the city's 2020 Olympic bid. (Reuters)

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Wow, imagine the mayor of London or any other city with that kind of attitude. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot sheeple of Tokyo, why is this old fart allowed to stick around wasting cash and insulting everyone?

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot, indeed.

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This is the same guy trying to buy the islands to thwart "the robber" Chinese, right? Listen to your people, mayor, Japan is in no position to be gearing up for something like the Olympics in only 8 years. There are other, more pressing concerns to address.

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Great. Let the idiot keep running his mouth and eventually the IOC will take notice that no one in Tokyo is interested, and they would have to eal with an unpredictable lunatic if Tokyo WERE chosen.

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Hold the Olympics in Sendai City and Miyagi!

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hahahahaha - he is getting funnier as times goes on. too bad a lot of money is wasted.

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Probably the people of Tokyo do like the Olympics. It's just that they don't want their tax money thrown away in an attempt to hold such an event.

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The people of Tokyo don't have to come to the Olympics. The rest of Japan will come.

I doubt that!

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I think its great. He's making sure the IOC know that no one supports this by all his rantings about how selfish everyone is. If I was a member, no way in hell would I be voting for a city that the public is against the games - never mind having a raving, racist loon for a mayor who keeps wasting everyone's time and money with all his bids. Besides, god willing, he'll be dead in 2020 so won't see them anyway!

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Ishihara called Tokyo's citizen's "spoiled" after learning of the IOC survey results. "The people of Tokyo don't have to come to the Olympics," the outspoken 79-year-old told reporters. "The rest of Japan will come." - I can't believe he made remarks like that !!!!! I guarantee the IOC members know all his outbursts and cries. They got to have a dossier on the weirdo.

A survey conducted by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) survey showed just 47 percent of Tokyo's citizens support the city's second successive bid for the Summer Games.

Because of March 11th, Nuclear problems and future earthquakes. Who would want to stage the Olympics in Tokyo. Did not the scientists predict an earthquake for tokyo in the future ? To support an idea such as this is not the best interests of Japan. Japan has to rebuild the earthquake hit areas that Olympics is good.

Homeless people are still leaving in temp. housing. This guy doesn't have a heart

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