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The people's voices are not being heard. The DPJ, LDP and New Komeito are just playing politics and ignoring the will of the public.


Opposition People's Life First Secretary-General Shozo Azuma, criticizing the three main parties for refusing to back down on a proposed tax hike bill. (Japan Times)

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Japanese politicians are part-timers.

They are only politicians in election season.

And then, their politics is rather limited to screeching out their names from public address systems on trucks at brain shattering volumes with the odd "yoroshiku onegaishimasu" here and there.

I do love this country.

But I just cannot love its politicians.

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Very true...but it can be argued that they all do it! Japanese politicians dont give 2 hoots about the general public...they just want to line their own coffers, make themselves look like the champions...never mind that this country is slowly going downhill. TG I cant vote!!!!

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It's totally true.

A good example is the US base problem in Okinawa.

At the very least, an understanding government would order a referendum to find out what the feelings of the Okinawan people were.

In a democratic society, which this is supposed to be, the government is supposed to represent its people. If it's going to represent them, wouldn't it be a good idea to LISTEN?

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