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The present system is outdated, and the handouts should in any case be decided based on overall household income.


Shungo Koreeda, chief researcher of the Daiwa Institute of Research who is familiar with the social security system. Criticism has emerged over the Japanese government's plan to distribute 100,000 yen to every resident in the country aged 18 or under, as it makes it possible for some families with just one provider to be ineligible for the handout despite earning less than dual-income households that can receive the benefits.

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It’s a joke !

A family with both parents working & earning ¥18,000,000 are eligible for a cash handout, while a family whose income is ¥9,500,000 misses out.

Not to mention those families who have no children miss out all together

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Taxes, individuals, not family, then enact complicated tax rules.

Names, family is important, not individuals!

In the end, it's all about money.

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Badly thought out plan, token efforts gone wrong yet again. Idiots at the helm throwing match sticks at a mountain. Always looking for quick fix, oversimplified and easy solutions to the complex structural problems that have created the class of the working poor. Those that have missed out and struggling are jaded, and from what I hear the decision was made more out of cross party political appeasement and maneuvering, rather than any concrete will to help as many in need as possible. Nice try though fellas. Back to sleep now ay.

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Many people think it is easy to just specify income range, problem is that Japanese never have good tracking methods for household incomes due to disconnected data.

While Mynumber is supposed to fix all that, it is a generation too late especially when it is still treated as optional to have.

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