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The problem is, bread with such a high price tag will not sell for sure.


Yoshio Sudo, who runs a long-established bakery shop in Tokyo’s Arakawa Ward. Bakeries are struggling with rising materials costs and how much extra to charge customers.

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I dunno about that. I am willing to pay top price for good wholewheat bread in Japan, as it's so hard to find.

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99% of Japanese "bread" should carry a health warning. Why are the Japanese so averse to healthy, wholewheat bread?

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what is called "bread" in Japan in Europe cant be named like that as real bread is very different thing-taste,looks etc.

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Whole wheat bread is not healthier for you as many think, according to studies. It’s a myth.

The vitamins in whole wheat are not vitamins people lack.

The vitamins in bran are not absorbed by the body and actually block absorption of essential vitamins.

Google will explain in more detail.

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Whole wheat bread is not healthier for you as many think, according to studies. It’s a myth.

It actually is, based on the fact that it does not convert to glucose as fast as white bread, and therefore does not cause the same spike in blood sugar that the equivalent slice of bread made with white flour would.

While there may not be more vitamins in whole wheat bread, it's less harmful to your body insofar as that immediate impact.

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I bought some Mexia Tortilla,made some Enchiladas and Burritos,could of got some cheap one,but a free package of street tacos came with deal,Mexia is made with corn and flour,

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I make my own sourdough anyway. Making the yeast is so easy, you essentially just leave some wholewheat flour and water in a jar for a few days until it bubbles. After that all you do to keep it is put some old yeast in a clean jar with more flour and water....

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If the price of something goes up, blame politicians for wrecking the global economy, not the folks selling stuff. If costs go up, the sale price has to go up too. Most small operators have quite thin profit margins. They are not profiteering. They have as much right to earn a living as you do. Expecting them to start behaving like charities, absorbing higher costs just to cover up the failure of governments is unfair, selfish and abusive.

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Peter Neil: "The vitamins in bran are not absorbed by the body and actually block absorption of essential vitamins."

You're wrong that whole wheat bread is not better for you then white bread. The only thing worse for your body than white bread is polished white rice. Whole bread isn't exactly going to fill your body with what it needs, but it's better for digestion and other things people have pointed out than the 20 different companies' white bread on the shelves. As for Googling it as "proof", be sure to look up whom any study is published by.

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If nothing else non white bread has more fibre than the sugary white bread on offer. Seeds good for the teeth. There are lots of breads not just white, it’s just the limited choice available is the problem. Rice is over priced too but still people buy it. So no big deal yet if you like good bread you will probably pay a premium to get it. Too a point.

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JeffLee: I know just the place, No real shop - The woman bakes twice a week and you can pick up or get delivery...Yes - you have to pay up. No advertising on here, but maybe the mod can pass my email onto you. All natural.

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Thanks, Rez. I am often in search of brown sandwich bread, preferably thinly pre-sliced. Some Kinokuniya branches have it in small amounts that sell out quickly.

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Good bread will always sell, whatever the price.

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Amazed I get 5 downvotes. Highly amusing. Has given my colleagues and I a good chuckle.

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Check out this website for the best bread in Tokyo - and I've tried a LOT of places over the years.


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If it was,nt for white bread and milled rice which my Pop ate all his life Pop would of lived another 20 year to 110year. Bad stuff that process food I keep tell him. He reply I live to be 110 but dies when he was 90.

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You can always make your own bread, and if you are lazy like me then Japan makes some very good bread making machines thar turn out very good bread (all ultimately down to the 4 ingredients you put in), whether the right sort of flour and yeast is easily available in Japan I don’t know.

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Rye not!

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The myth of whole wheat.


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Your link refutes your entire argument here:

Unless it’s 100% whole wheat or whole grain, bread can still contain a lot of refined grain in the ingredients. Wheat bread dough often receives additives and preservatives, as well as sweeteners, which can spike your blood sugar just like regular white bread. So be sure to do your due diligence at the grocery store.

100% whole wheat is healthier. Thanks for playing Bud.

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‘Whole-wheat bread is no more healthy than the sweet white candy floss that is sold as bread in Japan’?

Who cares. Nothing beats a good loaf of fresh, home-baked whole-wheat bread for flavor and palate satisfaction.

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Japan simple take a good idea and make it better and superior. They refine the craft of baking bread and have made it 100% better produce. Japan white bread is the best in the world. I feel sorry for those whole grain loaf eater because that stuff is like eating roll oats from the packet.

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