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The purpose is not to reduce my salary, but to express my determination and commitment to reform the government. The move would apply only to me, as an exception.


Tokyo Governor Yuriko Koike, explaining why she has submitted a bill to the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, proposing to halve her annual remuneration as governor of nearly 28 million yen. (NHK)

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I am warming to her. Though I've learned not to get ahead of myself when it comes to politicians.

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Wasn't a fan when she was running, but I'm starting to like her.

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It shouldn't apply only to her as an exception. She undervalues herself by saying this. It ought to apply to those who follow her, so that their efforts to double their salaries again can be documented.

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That's pretty outstanding of her!

Imagine the cursing of the oyajis in the corridors of power nationwide. Go Koike !

marcelito, I'm pretty sure those old prunes are bending over backwards trying to get rid of her. I really hope they fail miserably.

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O.K. I like her.

My Japanese wife was hilarious...'She earns what? So that is equal to 10 years work for me? That can't be right.' We look at the numbers on the calculator...the house goes kind of quiet.


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I am liking this lady a lot. She also speaks Arabic.

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