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The radioiodine exposure levels at Fukushima were only a tiny, tiny fraction of those at Chernobyl, which were very significant. Therefore, there just wasn't enough exposure at Fukushima to get thyroi


Cham E Dallas, clinical professor of emergency medicine at Georgia Regents University (Christian Science Monitor)

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A more accurate statement (or question) would be at what point does iodine 131 exposure (and other similar isotopes) begin to cause cancers? Do they really know for sure? The 1990's research on Chernobyl really didn't know even some basic answers and I doubt they got all the answers out of Chernobyl in the last 10 or so years. Throwing a gallon of water at someone gets them wet. Throwing 10 gallons of water at them gets them wet also but at some point between 1 and 10 you may not really be more "wet". The excessive exposures at Chernobyl at some point may have been over and above what is needed to create thyroid damage. So taking the huge exposures at Chernobyl and trying to go backwards to Fukushima's exposure doses that are in many cases not accurately recorded may not be an accurate measurement.

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I think the best radioiodine exposure level is zero. Morever, it is too early to predict...

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If the dear doctor Dallas knew just how much radiation was emitted,is being emitted and will be emitted in Fukushima thenmaybe I could take this soundbite seriously. He doesn't..... so I won't.....

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If exposure levels are so small, then why is taking so long to deal with the facility? Just go in with hundreds of workers, bulldoze the lot, toss the debris in a landfill (as close to Dr. Dallas's home as possible) and move on! Since it's so safe, the job should only take about a month or so, right?

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