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The respondents feel happy to be respected as seniors in life, but do not want to be treated as an old person.


Atsuko Kasahara, an official of Yuko Yuko Corp which conducted a survey of people aged 50 or older about “priority seats” on public transportation. About 74% said they did not use those seats as they did not consider themselves old. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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Older Japanese with social savoir faire in the Japanese sense are disgusted by the idea of giving up seats to someone older. Give up a seat as a sign of respect. If you don't understand that then please don't get up.

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Why is there such a stigma about those seats? "Priority" does not mean "Don't use unless you fit one of these categories". They're intended for use by anyone. But they should be given to somebody with a greater need if you get there first. I've seen so many who chose to stand after looking at the empty priority seats. I'll sit there, no problem, but give up my seat if necessary.

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50 isn't old. 60 isn't old. 70+ is "old", but even then it varies from person to person.

This survey is hardly surprising.

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