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The service will be available only for small dogs and cats. During flights, they will be required to be kept in cages placed on seats at the end of the row, with their owners seated next to them.


A spokesperson for Japanese airline Star Flyer, which is considering allowing pet dogs and cats to accompany their owners in the passenger cabin on domestic flights.

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This is Great for animal lovers like me.

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This sucks if you have allergies to dogs or cats. Also what happens if they get agitated and start barking or whining? Not great for any poor soul stuck beside them.

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This is a ridiculous idea. Three reasons.

If safety is the airlines number one concern, then they should scrape this now. In an emergency, who's going to take care of the dog that is snapping at anyone while it panics.

People have allergies to cats and dogs. When you board a Delta flight and there is another passenger with a peanut allergy, there are no peanuts served on the flight.

Who's going to pay for the dry cleaning when fido does a number 1 on the seat? Or sprays the passenger across the aisle?
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Who's going to pay for the dry cleaning when fido does a number 1 on the seat? Or sprays the passenger across the aisle?

In the article it clearly states they are in cages, which should be obvious.

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Owners will and must be responsible for pets.

I will definitely, Covid allowing, and if the service is rolled out to Kochi, take full advantage for both Soy and Bailey to travel with me.

Both will not be doing whoopsie's on the upholstery.

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Sounds like those suffering any physical allergic reactions stemming from the mass storage of pets in plane cabins have a pretty good case to make in court, should they wish to do so.

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Hopefully all those little cute anonymous spreaders of everything thinkable are wrapped, masked, vaccinated, tested and certified. That’s otherwise hell in the air, like it is already on Earth in quite some unrestricted supermarkets or restaurants.

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My whippet is too big for this program anyway, but I'd never take any dog on a plane. Dogs are very sensitive to their owner's anxiety, they're surround by unfamiliar smells and people, deep sounds beyond human perception fill the cabin, and their "internal compass" gets all screwed up, It causes terrible anxiety even for the best-behaved dog. If you want to travel with your dog, drive with your dog on the passenger seat and his head on your lap.

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Mr Kipling would not be happy sitting anywhere near a barking, yapping or defecating animal on any flight. Livestock belong in the hold.

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Bad idea. Only service dogs should be allowed.

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If you want to travel with your dog, drive with your dog on the passenger seat and his head on your lap.

I was with you until I read this.

If you want to travel with your dog, drive with your dog in a crate in the back, or securely tethered (with a harness, not his collar) in the back/on the back seat.

An untethered dog on your lap can jump up and obstruct your view if he sees a cat/squirrel/'nother dog, and can become a flying projectile if you have to stop suddenly for any reason, or heaven forbid, get hit by another car.

Don't forget to stop for frequent breaks.

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It's only rock-and-roll...

Both will not be doing whoopsie's on the upholstery.

You cork your pets?

Japan to UK is 11 hours

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Even Tokyo to Okinawa ..you can't be sure when your lovely critters are going to unload.

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many of these pets will probably be better behaved than a lot of passengers

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Incredibly stupid idea, they must be really suffering with low ticket sales to come up with this disgusting idea.

Pet owners are delusional to begin with turning fido into their son. Put that combination with the pet, and maybe the owner also, unable to control their functions and you have a disgusting unsanitary combination. It is bad enough that pets crap all over parks where kids play but put them on a plane to foul the air and the area they are in? Stupid. Hope the airline does run the program and they lose even more passengers avoiding having to see dog excrement in the aisles or have some cat yowling for hours during the flight.

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Randomly adding a common allergen to flights is a bad idea. Plus pets have wind, poop and pee, especially when stressed, and their first flight might be quite stressful. This isn't nice in a confined space.

I'm quite allergic to pet dander. The unique specifics of a plane - close confinement and aviation air con mean that I couldn't guess how badly it will effect me on a scale from sore throat to A&E admission.

For many, this might be the first time they discover how allergic they are. Some planes may be landing a bit early.

If people are scared of flying without their fur baby, give them a plushie to hug.

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cleo, I somewhat agree but suppose it depends on the type of road you're on. I used to take my dog (his name is Deve - he's a whippet! Get it?) on Old Route 3, which no one and together we explored the coastline from Fukuoka to Kagoshima. We'd discover an appropriate beach at an appropriate time, pitch a tent, crack out the stove, pan, and cooler full of chicken (his favorite) and enjoy the evening. That sounds a helofa lot more fun than flying. I suppose if you're moving overseas permanently, you may not have a choice, but otherwise, get a friend to care for your furry friends.

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It’s entertaining to read a lot of the comments here! However I’m happy to see a Japanese airline finally catching up with most of the rest of the world. Most dogs and cats I’ve met on planes were a lot better behaved than a lot of the children. For those that don’t like pets while traveling I would advise not going out for dinner while visiting France, dogs are not only welcome on planes but in many restaurants as well.

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