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The system is letting down students just above the scholarship threshold. Many such students work to support their families and may eventually be forced to drop out if the pandemic continues.


Professor Suetomi Kaori, a child poverty expert at Nihon University. The Japanese government says that at least 5,800 college students either left school or took time off because of the spread of the coronavirus between April and December of last year.


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The system only cares for the system so pretending she cares for these students is just that.. pretending.

something to “ study” for her so she can continue to collect an unearned salary.

Japan has far to many universities and most of doubtful quality and yes i am aware of the great reputations and official graduation results but those are manipulated to make the Universities look good.

getting into some Japanese Universities can be difficult ( except for the rich) but getting a degree is an automatic consequence of getting in.

better study that. And instead of “ studying “ poverty under students, give them some of your univ salary

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Not all about the pandemic! Agree with @robert maes; She doesn’t mention ‘the system’ was already being ‘selective’ and working against young women, as well: “Tokyo Medical University confirms altering scores to limit women.”@Mari Yamaguchi Aug. 8, 2018  6:33a JST - this story has since been suppressed.

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I thought students worked to pay their own way or for fun money. I've not heard of many university students working for money for "their families". Given the costs involved with going to university, it would make sense to not go and work full-time instead.

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No support, no students, no research, no vaccines, no couples who wish or can afford a child and more elder people and deaths, then even less students, even less of the above, even more of aging society....you have to break off that sequence otherwise it’s clearly nearing to zero.

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Why Bother? No secure $ future + NO change in pay + gradually Higher taxes.

From the parents’ and students’ perspectives: 2014: the consumption tax was raised from 5% to 8%;

*and **again, from 8% to 10% in October 2019. No real incentives for higher ‘education*(?)’ in Japan anymore.

So, government(?), stop using COVID as an excuse of why they’re quitting school.

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I have to pay my son's university fees after tax in cash. There are loans but only for parents. The entire system presupposes the one earner family structure which doesn't exist. Since the government is printing and borrowing money at 0% interest now is the time to set up a student loan system so that students can borrow at 1-2% interest and pay their college tuition and living fees. It is disgusting that this government only supports the elderly.

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The system only cares for the system so pretending she cares for these students is just that.. pretending.

couldn't have said it better myself

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