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The total cost may be still seen expensive, but I will continue trying to understand Tokyo residents' feelings and cut costs.


New Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike, saying that her planned trip to Rio de Janeiro on Aug 18-24 will cost about 10 million yen. She will be accompanied by four metropolitan government officials, fly business class and use a hotel offered by the International Olympic Committee. (Jiji Press)

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And so it starts. But your feelings are not forgotten.

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See this is what I'm talking about, 10 million yen is the cost of doing business for the governor of Tokyo to fly abroad and hold meetings etc. But we are being distracted by the trillions of yen Abe is wasting on maglev trains and more concrete.

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I like this governor, she doesn't waste any time to start spending your money on full blast!

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I don't think she and entourage have to travel economy or anything near that, but $100,000 dollars for one week is difficult to figure out.

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Ok, let's calculate a little. 10 million for five means 2 million each. The business class flight is easily found under 800,000 Yen for that route, but let's take 800,000 as a reference. There is 1.2 million left for each.

As they are staying 6 days, one can assume that they will need lunch and dinner money every day. Breakfast is certainly included in the hotel stay provided for free by the IOC. So let's say 15,000 Yen for each day, or 90,000 Yen total (15,000 Yen in Brazil is way too much for two meals, but just for the calculation).

There is 1,110,000 Yen left.

Various official trips will certainly be done with a car and a driver, let's say 50,000 Yen each day or 300,000 Yen in total (again, way too much) shared by 5 people, so 60,000 Yen for each.

There is 1,050,000 Yen left.

Adding small fees such as laundrying, and there is 1,000,000 Yen left.

And now, considering that I have exagerated all costs, and not even taken into accounts that they will be offered many meals during their trips (they are the guests), and once can really wonder how the 1,000,000+ Yen is spent other than being wasted or "collected" by those officials.

Why can't any journalist ask for the details instead of letting everybody (myself included) speculate now and forget later once the heat is down?

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You forgot one thing in your calculations:

The omiyage!

That's where the missing million yen will go.

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You forgot to include the value differentiated transformative costs that act as a springboard for achieving conceptual frameworks and revitalized synergies. Oh, and also, as Bertie mentioned, there's the omiyage.

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They'll need money for guns and mosquito repellant too.

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Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Tokyo got fooled again, and again, and again ...

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