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The working-age generation is more susceptible to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic on their working environment, and we want to effectively connect people with anxiety and worries to counseling services.


A Yamanashi prefectural government spokesperson. The number of suicides in the prefecture in the January-May period of 2021 increased to 68, up 21, or 44.7%, from the same period last year.

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While I absolutely agree that mental health issues need proper support, people also need better general support from national and local government.

What is being done overall at a national and local level to improve the quality of people's lives?

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Terrible. I know Yamanashi is a tourist destination for grape picking, etc. maybe the revenue is way down. Hope this trend reverses soon.

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Working age in Japan is basically anywhere between 16 years old and death. You need a better metric.

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Do you think that the jammed trains, buses and train stations create any of this anxiety and stress?

Suga never mentioned that in his long drawn out answers to set up questions last evening.

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From the wording they are more concerned with the working environment than the people! “effects of the Coronavirus pandemic on their working environment”.

Rather indicative I would say.

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There's be less anxiety and worries if the government would just issue a work from home mandate for all businesses that are able to do so. You think squeezing onto one of Japan's infamously horribly packed trains is not a cause for stress and anxiety? Especially during a pandemic? Think again.

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