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The yen's low this year is a result of Japan itself becoming weak economically -- a sign of structural problems such as Japan's dwindling export competitiveness and national power.


Economic analyst Keiichi Kaya. He says Japan needs to increase the competitiveness of companies and shift to an economic structure that allows high wages to be paid domestically.

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I've been saying for many years that Japan has to build its economy domestically and stop relying so much on international markets. It's not the 1980's anymore. The markets Japan is still relying on have been tasken by many other Asian countries. Japanese people have not seen salary increases in over two decades although, the cost of living has increased by more than 20% over the same period. Japan is still importing 60-70% of its food while large swaths of land lay in waste due to nobody wanting to farm them. Unless Japan evolves and focusses on their domestic economy the whole country will go broke.

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Japan needs to leave the past behind and look forward to the international markets. Not only domestically. It's gone.

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So many of us have been saying that for years and yet were labeled haters.

For sure, Japan's economy has been decaying since around the early 2010s. While many economists referred to the 1990s and 2000s as lost decades, Japan was still productive then. It just didn't have the luster of the bubble economy before. The real rot and collapse started in the 2010s, and we are now starting to feel it. That makes sense as it usually takes a decade to realize the full effect of a business cycle.

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Partially, but mainly due to insane BoJ policies.

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Like @Aly wrote…Especially the first sentence considered, which many should print out, frame , mount it on their wall and then at least doing daily excuses prayers to us.

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Japan is like Spain or Portugal back in the exploration age. Rich. Hardworking. Ambitious. Proud.

Just like Spain and Portugal, this country called Japan will also lose its grip of what it invested all over the world and will only be remembered as a country that was once influential, and will be struggling economically and politically.

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the problems are well know, the solutions too but Japan prefers to keep its head in the sand and live in the past.

first the education is ridiculously bad also because kids hardly spent time in school. Learning English is still seen as unnecessary. The last generation speaking English in any numbers are now in their late 60’s. The so revered work ethic and productivity are just myths. Hours spent at an office do not mean hard work at the office. Xenophobia and nationalism and protectionism are increasing while the opposition should be happing. The disconnect between politicians and real life is stunning. There is no justice in Japan for foreign companies or individuals. Corporate taxes are 10 % higher than in competing Asian countries and no country has more “ unofficial “ holidays than Japan. The coming New Year holidays will show that again. While the rest of the world will restart on Jan 03 in Japan, for all practical purposes , it will be Jan 12th.

shall I go on…

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Jozef- Unfortunately, I have nothing to disagree with regarding your post. Everything is spot on.

And I take NO pleasure in saying that.

I think blue summed it up perfectly when he said

I am a Japan "worrier", because I live here and have zero incentives or reasons to see the country belly up

I am the same. And it's not just about me anymore. If I were single or if my wife and I were childless, we wouldn't really care. Any old job would do and we wouldn't worry or care about the future of Japan.

But we have kids. And as a responsible father, I HAVE TO worry about the future of Japan because it is tied to the future of my children.

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A reset of politics n policies is really needed badly

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I HAVE TO worry about the future of Japan because it is tied to the future of my children.

Yep. Keep talking to them in English and make them read English books before bed every night I reckon.

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All currencies fell against the dollar.

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This quote is right but LDP ultranationalists keep denying this to live in a fantasy land. It's probably due to the fact that they love the Unification Church so much!

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Yep. Keep talking to them in English and make them read English books before bed every night I reckon.

My kids are bilingual already thanks. I'm actually teaching them Arabic now.

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