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There’s a strong chance that a device like the iPad will allow authors to cut out the publishers as middlemen. Japanese printing, publishing and distribution industries are strongly interconnected and


Jun Hasebe, a Tokyo-based analyst at Daiwa Securities Group Inc, saying that Apple Inc’s iPad may force Japan’s book market to reshape pricing in the industry by historic proportion. (Bloomberg)

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Please..I thought Daiwa analysts are better than usual analysts.

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In other words, they might have to start offering prices just like Amazon has been doing, for what?, two odd years. So.......a few old antiquated publishing businesses go out of business. Fine with me! I found them far too conservative, unwilling to take risks, and too far insular--foreign authors need not apply, so good riddance. Authors have Lulu and other Internet publishing services which offer 70% royalties instead of 7% like Seibido. How many textbooks have I had that were just reduced to traditional "formats" with always the 'right or wrong' answer. Forget opinions, reactions, personal applications. The Japanese publishers were just too stupid for that kind of thought processing.

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