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There are dozens of brewers in Japan making fabulous, highly rated craft beers.


Matt Simpson, owner of the Marietta, Georgia-based consulting firm The Beer Sommelier, saying that craft beer is gaining popularity in Japan and changing the market. (Bloomberg)

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There may be, but they are often difficult to obtain. In most bars there is one beer available, which goes by the name of "beer". It all tastes the same, so it hardly matters which of the 4 brewers it comes from.

In trendier places you can see a very limited choice of beers, sometimes foreign (Bud, Heinekan, yawn), but rarely anything interesting.

There are some great craft beers in Japan, but they can be hard to obtain.

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Japan is the land copy cats ands un honorable rip offs . . . . mostly of their own produced craftmanships.

Yes japan has a rich hand crafted beer tradition and its booming at the moment, thats why all major non hand crafted beer companies like Suntory, Asahi and other corporations quick high jack the naming of crafted beer, produce low quality fake crafted beer, playing with the wording of chemical produced beer actually tasting as crafted beer (which it doesn`t of course) . . . . its the can coffee effect, can coffee is garbage for the mouth, no relation to real coffee, yet everyone pays up to 140Yen for chemicals because the label says premium.

Other industry frauds and market destructive methods by big companies are here:

Chocolate, the french salon du chocolate, the world famous fare where the most highest quality chocolates get sold in the world, all of a sudden see Meij and the likes low level chocolates participating against world class hand crafted chocolate like Pierre Herme or Aoki.

Sake, Nihon shu, 97% of all nihon shu in any shop in japan are of low or low middle quality. None is handcrafted, yet prices are kept high by big corporations. There are around 20 companies left in japan who produce Futabakoji, Kimoto style sakes, handcrafted, organic like in the EDO periods. Of course thoses taste the best, have a high complexity ex . . . most sakes around taste either like water or too heavy alcohol after swallowing. . . . no rich after note, because chemical processed.

Japan has a big problem as it is build on copy cat industries like china. Japan has to act now and swift in order to promote its true handcrafted industries as luxury, premium brands, the same as the french and italians have done since ever. . . . . this means to say fook off to Toyota style rip off culture too!

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Japanese beer is pretty good. WAY Overpriced though. And Better than the rest of asian beers.

Why? Cause during the Meiji era, they went to Germany and learned brewing techniques from the masters.

But when will they brew up a quality "hefewiezen"?

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There are more brew pubs around now so you can find places 10-20 taps or more & get a good choice, but yeah you need a wallet full of yen. You can also by online from places that stock various craft brews & by individual bottles of you want I have trained my wife to buy me a box of 10-12 beers on my B-day & Xmas, many are VERY good but you need to pay the piper!

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A cold twelver, Marshall 1/2 stack & either the ESP or Ibanez RG550. ~and I'm n' the zone GW!

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The Tavern in Meguro, Tokyo, has 3 nice English style bitters on tap, all brewed in house.

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