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There are some customers who feel uncomfortable seeing tattoos, and they can have an impact on the class of an inn. Because administrative agencies are not responsible for taking care of customer complaints and other problems, accommodations have no choice but to become cautious about lifting the ban.


An executive of a well-established hotel in Beppu, Oita Prefecture. The prefecture, famous for its hot spring resorts and one of the locations where the 2019 Rugby World Cup will take place later this year, is ambivalent about how to welcome tattooed foreign tourists.

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I can understand this. While I don't have a problem with tats, how does an establishment allow in hipster tourists sporting body art, but keep out the yaks. I live within walking distance of the Yamaguchi-gumi's HQ, and let's just say I have no interest in getting naked with them.

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Banning something because SOME people MIGHT be uncomfortable with something is a slippery slope.

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I don't go to my local onsen unfortunately - only 5 mins away - because I'm uncomfortable with all the oyajis smoking in the after bath relaxing area.

I spoke once and wrote on an anketo form to the management but little changed.

However they did move the smoking area from the centre to the side - a big change NO.

I'd prefer tattooed customers in that onsen anyday to the stink of smokers.

But my complaints of "I feel uncomfortable" have gone relatively unheeded.

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excellent point browny

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I guess we have two quite different definitions of "class". Mine centers a great deal on how you handle situations and not how you look. Judging people on how they look is fairly unclassy, trashy and frankly unsophisticated in my book. Much more so than someone deciding that they want someone to draw on their skin. Throwing out the baby with the bathwater is also of questionable "class".

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I don’t understand why Japanese people don’t see the difference between yakuza’s tattoos and simple tattoos.

As art I prefer yakuza ‘s tattoos, really beautiful.

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It should also be noted that not all Yaks have tats (actually many these days do not) and not all tatted folk are yaks. If you check the calendar year it is actually 2019.

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Aly and browny,

Excellent posts.

I feel Japan is becoming increasingly anal.

It is another step to Nippon Kaigi's goal of reaching totalitarianism...........authoritarianism has already been attained in Japan judging by the recent news articles.

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