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There are two thoughts behind the implementation of the campaign -- to get society moving again and to keep the outbreak under control.


Tokyo Gov Yuriko Koike, announcing the resumption of the "Motto Tokyo" travel subsidy campaign for Tokyo residents on June 10 on a trial basis. The campaign is for Tokyoites traveling within the capital, and covers up to 5,000 yen in accommodation fees per person per night.

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With my a little more mathematically based views I can see only two half thoughts into contrary directions, one half thought to get the society halfway moving again and the contradicting one half thought keeping the outbreak halfway under control. Summed up those vectoring half thoughts result in zero i.e. no thought at all, scientifically. lol

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Motto Tokyo! Is there a stuffy character that comes with it? Oh please say yes! ;P

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what kind of redbull is that...?

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Do you make people travel around to control an outbreak?!

What is the thought process behind it?

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Does Japanese TV ever show footage from Europe, North America and Australasia, where everyone has gone back to normal?

Does anyone in Japan ever query the Jgov response? The opposition? Scientists?

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GBR48 Nope.

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