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There have been many food poisoning cases caused by sushi chefs in foreign nations who know little about how to treat raw fish. If things are left as they are, Japan's sushi culture will end up being


All Japan Sushi Federation chief Tadashi Yamagata. The federation has decided to establish a certification program for sushi industry workers overseas. (Jiji)

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I have had food poisoning in Japan too.

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Oh it is cultur now is it and those ghastlt foreignrs are ruining it. Think i will stick with fish and chips culture.

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So they are going to give a test to every podunk sushi shop in the world???

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Just another reason to cash in more.

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I have been invited to sushi places abroad by Gaijins and they all think its the best they have tried, if I scored the restaurant it might have got a 5 for effort so yes sushi is not just a piece of raw fish stuck on rice, its a lot more than that!!! It would take ten years to fully understand what I mean.

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heres what some of you my not know. Most Japanese restaurants in the US are run by chinese OR Koreans. Here in my town its run by chinese & they play chinese music. this is why its important to study cultures. Most people go in there & think its "Japanese music" & have heard some people say areegato. NO responce from the so called sushi chef. i try to tell everyone they are chinese, they are not usually polite. & YES its arigatou & i know how to pronounce it. i was imitating they way most people say it, the wrong way.

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Raymaski; my good ness how awfull for you, Chinese!!! how dare they!!!! I would never imagine finding a Chinese restuarant in Japan run by no Chinese, heaven forbid!!

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