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There have probably been many near-misses in the past. I hope the government informs people about the risks of bird attacks when it issues certifications to drone pilots.


Junichi Iinuma, a spokesman for the Japan Drone Association (JDA). With the use of drones to transport goods expected to increase in the future, especially in rural areas and on remote islands, reports of bird attacks have triggered calls for the government to raise awareness of the dangers involved among drone pilots.

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Does he mean 'bird strikes'?

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Does he mean 'bird strikes'?

Bird strikes are about damage done when the birds hits a vehicle or structure because either the bird or the object are in the way.

"Bird attack" seems much more like the birds actively striking the drone as they do with birds of prey, animals or people when they get closer to their nests.

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You're one of the few voices of reason here!

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I’ve had my drone clipped by crows a few times, they obviously see it as a rival.

Fortunately they only gave it a wobble. I use prop guards now so they’re less likely knock it out of the sky.

I’ve never had any attacks by hawks or kites.

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