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There is a chance that the rats will transfer from Tsukiji to the busy shopping streets in Ginza and elsewhere in large numbers, hiding behind shrubbery and leading off food scraps.


Tatsuo Yabe, chairman of the association of rat exterminators. The relocation of Tokyo's famed Tsukiji fish market has given rise to the horrifying prospect of swarms of rats scuttling all over the nearby Ginza district.

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There are already rats swarming all over Ginza, they have been there since before the war. You'll see them hiding between the buildings, scurrying under vending machines, and running across the sidewalks at night. And if you think Ginza has a rat problem, Shibuya's is much worse.

The subway tunnels are full of rats, you can sometimes see them from the platforms.

It sounds like Mr Yabe is trying to drum up a little more business for his company.

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The biggest rats are in Kamiyacho.

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Mr Yabe, his company and the rest of his association are obviously not very competent or the problem would not exist. Rat control is not rocket science, total extermination is probably not practical but keeping the numbers down to manageable levels is.

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